Many of us dream of becoming a part of the medical sector. While the dream of becoming a doctor does not see the light of the day for everyone, joining a paramedical course is one of the best ways to get started in the healthcare sector. In recent years, the demand for para staff has witnessed a sudden high. By registering for Operation Theatre Technician Course, you can learn the skills needed to become an OTT professional. Such professionals supervise the circumstances in the operation theatre and continuously measure the requirement of the surgical team and patient. Throughout the surgery, they play an essential role in the OT. Proper skills and training can land you a promising job.

It is a detailed technical occupation in the healthcare sector. They are known by different names like Operating Room Assistants too. These medical professionals are an inevitable part of the operation unit team that works with anesthesiologists, surgeons, and nurses to provide quality care to the patient. They make necessary arrangements before the surgery and ensure everything is apt post-surgery.

OTT professionals are responsible for ensuring every single process in the operation theatre is performed hygienically. Their primary responsibility is to take care of all the management and work of the OT. This includes handling the surgical instruments, operation theatre table, sterilizing surgical instruments and equipment, and preparing the dressing table and anesthetic equipment. They are responsible for the linen, anesthetic gases, drapes, and sterilization of other things. They have to make sure both non-sterile and sterile tools are available and regulate them to ensure proper functioning.

Skills Required

Besides educational requirements, excellent behavioral skills, outstanding scientific skills, and communication skills are other necessary skills for an Operation Theatre Technician. Critical thinking, accuracy, and an eye for detail are a must. Teamwork is yet another crucial skill as such a professional has to work with other healthcare professionals. They should have the aptitude and ability to work for long hours, under unpredictable shifts, and have minimal regulation. They should always be alert and aware during the surgery. Dedication, commitment, optimistic attitude, high level of endurance, and compassion are other prerequisites for OTT personnel. They should also possess excellent precision in gripping surgical instruments in complicated ways.

Career Prospects

It is the OTT professional who supervises the circumstances in the operation theatre and continuously measures the requirement of the surgical team and patient. Surgical team members operate and function in two different capacities – non-sterile and sterile. During the surgery, the area surrounding the patient is considered sterile, and those in that area must scrub and wear sterile gloves and gowns. The operation theatre technician’s responsibility is to make sure everything in the operation room is up to the medical standards, and there is no compromise on the steps involved in preparing OT for surgery. 

The scope for such professionals is immense. By enrolling in an operation theatre technician course, you can learn the skills to manage OT. Choose the course carefully as your career depends on your learning.