Vegetarian Diet is better than Non-Vegetarian Diet to Lose your weight and prevent heart diseases: A vegetarian based diet has a positive impact on your body in terms of reducing body weight and maintaining a good health for your heart. Read forward to know the benefits. 

Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

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As a non vegetarian diet is full of fat and cholesterol, vegetarian diet helps in lowering down fat and its effects on body weight. Non vegetarian diet usually consists of chicken, meat and eggs which contains fat element that helps in weight gain and may lead to many other diseases. So if we properly plan our diet we can more easily reduce our weight through vegetarian diet.

Protein helps you Shed those Unwanted Pounds

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Some good vegetarian protein sources are:

  • Milk, cheese and yogurt: Not only do they contain proteins, but they also contain valuable calcium. Choose skim or low fat milk to keep bones and teeth strong and to reduce weight.
  • Soya: Eating soya helps in maintain a healthy diet and helps in lowering down body weight.
  • Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, seeds and nuts: They contain protein along-with amino acid which is essential for our health and helps in losing our body weight.
  • Spinach, Dried beans and Dried fruits: they contain essential proteins with iron which is good for health.

Vitamins which are present in almonds, Oats and cheese also helps in lowering down our body weight.

Vegetarian Diet for a Healthy Heart

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Vegetarian diet helps in decreasing risk of metabolic syndrome which can put greater risk for heart disease. The healthy heart can be maintained by taking vegetarian diet substitutes proteins like legumes and beans and regular exercise. In order to get proteins we can go for milk which is a major source of proteins in vegetarian diet as other non-vegetarian sources has fat in it which may affect the functioning of our heart.

Soy: Fifty grams of soya proteins daily can help to lower cholesterol by 3% and also a good source of proteins which may substitute chicken, meat and eggs that posses fat which is not good for health.

Meat such as chicken and specially red meat leads to high cholesterol and fat which leads to many heart born diseases.So if we take vegetarian diet it will not only make our health better but eliminate other heart related diseases also.