7 Healthy Snacks for Munching: Choosing healthier snacks is easy. By changing a few eating habits you can make a big difference to your diet. If you get hungry in between meals and have junk food, so here are some healthier alternatives for munching. These foods help to satisfy your hunger in a healthy way.

  1. Mixed Nuts-

    Pic Credit: nuts.com

    Nuts are ideal snacks and are full of nutrients. They help to reduce the risk of heart disease and may help to prevent depression and other diseases. Nuts contain the perfect balance of healthy fatproteinand fiber. Several studies suggest that eating nuts in moderation can help you lose weight.

  2. Kale Chips-

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    It contains anti oxidants like quercetin and kaempferol and fibers.
    1 cup of raw kale contains vitamins A, C and K. It helps to decrease blood pressure and lowers the risk of colon cancer.

  3. Dark Chocolate and Almonds-

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    Dark chocolate contains flavanols that reduce the risk of blood pressure and heart diseases. It improves flow of blood. It also helps to relieve cramps. Almonds are high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat and have beneficial effects on blood sugar control. They can reduce appetite and help in weight loss. Both dark chocolate and almonds are high in magnesium.

  4. Edamame-

    Pic Credit: livestrong.com

    This dish is of steamed unripened soybeans. It contains antioxidant kaempferol, which helps in weight loss and lowers blood sugar. It is also high in folate and several minerals, including iron, magnesium and manganese.

  5. Dried Unsweetened Coconut-

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    Dried coconut has many health benefits. It helps to improve brain function and also boost the immune system. Dry coconut contains iron that helps to prevent anemia. It is also rich in fibre and also helps in having healthy heart.

  6.  Spicy Avocados-

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    These are high in fiber, potassium, magnesium and monounsaturated fat. They helps in lowering LDL cholesterol reduce the risk of arthritis and protect the skin from sun damage.

  7. Energy bars –

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    These are a good and healthy option as a quick snack.