Natural remedies for a healthy glowing skin

Everyone desires picture perfect, glowing skin. Whether you are a student, homemaker, or a working professional, it is very important to have good skin. Our skin plays a very important role in enhancing our beauty. So keeping it healthy should be our primary motive to look presentable. Stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, inadequate sleep, lack of nutritional diet, pollution, harmful sun rays (UVA/UVB), excessive smoking, and drinking alcohol are the major factors which make your skin look dull and dry.

These are some natural remedies to keep our skin naturally healthy and glowing-

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric contains cucurmin, which has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also enhances collagen production, and this keeps your skin supple and glowing.

  • Mix the turmeric powder with the rice flour, tomato juice and raw milk. Form a paste.
  • Apply this on your face and neck.
  • Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water.
  • Use this remedy once or twice a week.

      2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is the ultimate solution for skin problems. Its nourishing and healing properties rejuvenate the skin to give it a natural glow.

·         Scrape out the gel from the leaf, mash it and massage onto the skin.

·         Keep it for 10 minutes and wash the skin with cold water.

3. Papaya

Ripe papaya contains papain, an enzyme that acts as a mild exfoliator. This gently removes the top layer of dead cells on the face and makes your skin radiant and younger looking.

  • Take a mashed papaya. Add the sandalwood powder or Fuller’s earth and honey to it.
  • Mix it properly.
  • Apply it all over your face and neck. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse with milk and then cool water. Do this once every week.
 4. Almond

Almond is an excellent source of Vitamin E, it provides nourishment to the skin and also removes scar marks.

  • For dehydrated and dry skin, first massage the face with one teaspoon almond oil and then make a paste of 10 almonds mixed with a little milk and scrub it gently onto the skin.
  • Wash the face with water.
5. Diet for Glowing Skin
Best Vegetables for Glowing Skin

Dry Fruits

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts