Indians are recognized for their kindness and empathy. We all have read and heard of many acts which show the generosity of Indians. But you will be surprised to know there is a shortage of almost two million blood units just because studies have shown that very few like 1% of the Indian population donate blood annually. SO WHAT COULD BE THE REASON?  

The answer is very understandable most people are deterred from performing this kind of deed by several myths surrounding blood donation and a lack of proper knowledge about the health advantages of blood donation. Often we forget that by donating blood, we can save the lives of people. About myths, we all are familiar with, but THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS OF DONATING BLOOD. Yes!!!!! You read this right. There are various eligibility criteria that should be followed before donating blood.  It is also important to know the eligibility and benefits. Benefits like 

It will boost your liver health and heart health

Your body can only absorb a certain amount of iron, thus eating an iron-rich diet may enhance your body’s iron levels. You may experience heart and liver problems as an outcome, as too much iron is stored in the heart, liver, and pancreas. Donating blood lowers your chances of developing different heart and liver-related problems and aids in maintaining healthy iron levels.

Helps you in losing weight 

Isn’t a miracle!! Blood donation also aids in weight loss for the donor. Studies claim that giving blood can result in a 650-calorie burn. You should donate your blood in a gap of 3 months to avoid any health problems to you. 

It lowers the risk of cancer 

It is obviously not a treatment but according to medical professionals, donating blood lowers the risk of cancer. An excessive intake of iron may hasten your body’s response to damaged caused by free radicals raising the risk of cancer. Nevertheless, blood donation can help you maintain healthy amounts of iron in your body, which can reduce your chance of developing cancer.  

It prevents hemochromatosis

Blood donation reduces the risk of developing hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a hereditary disorder in which iron salts are deposited in the tissues, leading to various problems like liver damage, heart problems, organ failure, bronze discoloration of the skin, and diabetes mellitus. 

The satisfaction of preserving a ‘LIFE’

Giving blood to someone and saving their lives gives satisfaction. Donating a single unit of blood saves the lives of three. Isn’t it enough to have a sense of joy?