Paramedical Courses

Being an operation theatre technologist is a challenging job. It is a demanding profession that lets you carve out a niche in the healthcare sector. It is technical work in the health science domain. This field comprises several professionals like operation theatre technicians, operating room assistants, etc. Even though they are not doctors and surgeons, they are the backbone of the healthcare sector. They play an important role in the operation team. After completing the operation theatre technician course, you can apply for several careers in the medical world. Some of the career options are as mentioned below.

Surgical Technicians

Such professionals are responsible for cleaning and arranging the operation theatre before and after the surgery. They also have to ensure proper stock of sterile and disposable supplies and instruments. Through the training, they will gain knowledge and aptitude to provide the finest care to the patient throughout the surgical procedure. They work hard to ensure seamless surgeries are performed in the sterile room.

Scrub Technicians

In the sterile area of work, scrub technologists offer suction and retraction as required. It is your job to give vital instruments and tools, sponges, and other necessary medical items to the surgeon as and when they ask. Those who work in this field have to scrub and wear sterile gloves and gowns.

Those who do not work are equally important members of the operation theatre as they supervise the patient and the process. They provide additional supplies and sterile instruments during the surgery. They assist scrub technicians in ensuring the right count of pads and sponges that are required in the OT.

Operation Theatre Technician

As an OT technician, your responsibility is to monitor the entire situation in the operation theatre and evaluate the requirements of the patient and surgical team. Members of the team performing surgery can operate in two capacities – non-sterile and sterile. Throughout the surgical procedure, the area close to the patient is called the “Sterile field”.

As a trained and skilled operation theatre technologist, it is your responsibility and job to make sure that the procedures in the OT unit are secure, flawless and hygienic. The primary task of such professionals is to smoothen the entire OT management, including the sterilization of tools and equipment used in the surgery. From preparing OT tables, dressing supplies and tables, anaesthesia tables and maintaining standards to perform surgery, they do it all. They are also responsible for ensuring medicines and drugs required for operation, sterilization equipment, anaesthetic medicines and supplies, and drapes, to name a few. 

In the operation theatre technician coursethe pay scale depends on several crucial factors, namely the knowledge, experience, and skills of the professional, as well as the qualification and status of the hospital. While graduates or fresher candidates might earn between twenty-five and thirty-five thousand a month, they can be assured of earning a high salary as they gain experience in the field.

So, if you find this profession interesting, all you have to do is choose the institute that provides attractive placement opportunities.