This world of Millennials to Gen Z is on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Terms like anxiety, panic attack, and loneliness are attracting popularity. Surprisingly each of us, whether extrovert or introverted required to feel heard. The current generation is in a self-battle of expressing their thoughts, which can only get settled if heard. We can achieve this only by better communication and by providing proper therapy to the one who fails to communicate their thoughts in a limpid manner. This article explores the importance of communication therapy.


Communication is sharing information and conveying thoughts and ideas from one place, person, or group to another.


Therapy is a treatment to assist or cure a mental or physical illness. In therapy, drugs or medical operations are avoided. It is more of a human interaction, meditation, creative activity learning process where one is engaged in working for itself and for personal growth and development.

Communication Therapy/ Therapeutic communication:

Communication therapy is a process where a service provider uses verbal and non-verbal methods to interact with a patient. In this therapy main concern is to help the patient overcome some form of emotional or psychological distress. 

Importance of Communication therapy 

  • Communication therapy is helpful for a person with anxiety.
  • Communication therapy helps in building confidence among people who get difficulties in facing real-life situations. 
  • Communication therapy helps resolve conflicts between people with different beliefs and ideologies. 
  • Communication therapy assists the therapist in finding out a better solution for its patients. 
  • Communication therapy turns out as an aid for people to vent their feeling in an uncomplicated manner.

Who can be a therapist?

  • There are professional therapists and psychologists available for this therapy.
  • A teacher could be a better therapist for students.
  • A counsellor available in schools, offices, and working organizations could work as a better therapist.
  • Parents and family members play a significant role in being a therapist if they communicate well with the person who needs to share his problems.  
  • Friends and acquaintances nowadays are called the best therapists as they generate the feeling of sympathy and empathy when communicating with each other.
  • Each of us could play a unique part as a therapist in one’s life if one has good communication skills and is a better listener. 


Never hesitate to share your views and ideas with people around you because it could be helpful for you and others who might need those ideas. The more understanding one becomes while communicating with others, comfortable surrounding it creates for others. Each one of us is, in needs to feel heard, and each one of us should always be there for each other as better listeners.