It is the cooking for the dizzy. The person who cook the food for the dizzy person are called as diet cook or chef. While you are cooking for the dizzy, we should be keeping this in mind that it should be simply digestible & more over it should be cooked in fresh & hygienic condition. 

In invalid cookery, cleanliness and good appearance are of grand prominence. Food and medication are under the medical doctor direction, but after the varieties and quantities of food have been designated, the nurse has still much for which she is directly responsible. She must choose, prepare and serve the food. 

Diets are roughly divided into liquid, light and dry; improving diet may be also added. 

Liquid diet is used, of course, in cases in which firm food cannot be taken. Milk is vital among the liquids so used. It is given in its pure state, or variously mixed and diluted. It is used hot or cold, and may be flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, ginger, lemon, etc. 

Points to be measured for the invalid cooking – 

  1. Consult with physician – it is very much needed to consult with the physician as because they know the best way.
  2. Should be nutritive – the food for the sick should be nourishing to them & therefore it should be cooked in such way that the loss is minimum.
  3. A balance diet – the food served to them should be balanced i.e. it should have fat, protein, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins in correct quantity that should be given.
  4. Method of servicing–the food can be served in such a way that they can easily have it, without any problem & should be of his choice if it is possible.
  5. Light & minimum quantity – the food served to them should be light of preferably in minimum quantity so they can simply have it.
  6. Clean & Fresh – the raw ingredients used to cook the food for them should be clean & fresh because at that time it has high nutritive value. 

Some best examples of Invalid foods are – 

Apple Water: – Slice a tart apple in very small pieces and cover with boiling water. Set on gas and cook until the apples are soft, strain and serve. 

Apricot Water: – Wash the apricots and soaked in cold water until well enlarged and soft, cook half an hour, pour the water off, sweeten to taste and serve cold. 

Tamarind Water: – Wash tamarinds, break into pieces, and cover with boiling water. Let cool, strain and serve cold in the place of lemonade as a change. 

Flaxseed Water – Home Rule: – Pour one glass of boiling water over one spoon of flaxseed, and wait for two or three hours. Strain and flavor with lemon. 

Flaxseed Water – Class Rule:- Flaxseed, two teaspoon to one cup of water, juice of half lemon, sugar one spoon, strain and serve. 

Hot Lemonade: – Two large lemon to about four glasses of water, if not desired very strong, otherwise use one small lemon to two glasses. Use two level spoon of sugar to each glass. Squeeze the lemon, pour hot water over the juice, sweeten and serve. 

Oatmeal Gruel: – Take boiling water, add two full spoon of coarse oatmeal, and half a level teaspoon of salt. Set on range but don’t boil and let cook one hour or more. When ready to serve, add half as much warm milk or cream as you can serve of the gruel. 

Indian Meal Gruel: – Two spoon of cornmeal, one teaspoon of salt, boiling water. Have the water boiling, mix the cornmeal with a cold water, stir it into the hot water and let it cook for three hours. Make with milk or water and when made with water, add warm milk or cream when serving. 

Barley Gruel: – One level spoon of barley, cover with boiling water and let it boil a minute. Drain and put in boiling water and cook for two hours. Strain, season and serve. 

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By Vishesh Singh