International Chefs DayThe holiday was established under initiative of World Association of Chef’s Societies in 2004.

Celebration of International Chefs Day usually includes culinary contests, that are organized in many big cities. The chefs of leading restaurants come to the contest and cook to show their skills.

The chefs associations may organize special activities and events, that involve children and young people. Chefs visit orphans or kindergartens, where they teach children cooking and explain the importance of healthy food. Young people may learn more about the profession of chef and get valuable lessons at the workshops, organized by prominent chefs.

international chefs day

Every chefs association tries to organize an unforgettable event, that will elevate the image of this profession, popularize professional culinary art among people and raise public awareness of importance of healthy and good food and issues of its wasting.

October 20 is celebrated as International Chefs Day and what better day to take a look at some of the chefs who have have not just made some mouth-watering food but also have fabulous looks to boot.

International Chefs Day is to give honor to our Chefs and to increase the enthusiasm among every youth to bring the awareness about this profession.

The List of our fabulous Chefs from across the World is never ending, here are few names on the go…….

From India’s very own Padma Lakshmi to chefs from Britain and Australia, the world has seen some of the best culinary masters who could have and in fact have made it as models too. Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi is originally from Chennai, India. She’s an author, chef, TV show host and a mother to daughter Krishna. At 46, she is one of the fittest moms around.

Jamie Oliver is known for his love for fresh, healthy food and his chain of restaurants. At 41, he is a celebrity chef who is not just involved in the food business but also charity and getting kids to eat right. And women just love his accent!

Ani Phyo is not just an organic chef but also author and sustainable agriculture advocate. She promotes raw food and from the looks of it, it definitely agrees with her.

Sam Talbot is a chef, author, philanthropist and television personality. being a diabetic, he has worked on understanding food and and how diabetics can enjoy their desserts despite the disease.

Living in Los Aangeles, Michael Voltaggio won the sixth season of Top Chef. While he has two kids from a marriage, he went on to adopt a child from Camp Hollygrove as well. The Modern American chef is known for his food – and tattoos too.

Rochelle Bilow loves to run and do yoga. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her working out or yummy food. 

She is American entrepreneur who founded Dylan’s Candy Bar in 2001. Dylan Lauren has seen her buisness flourish and is flying high on sweet candy.

Catherine McCord founded Weelicious because she wanted to get kids to eat good wholesome food. The former supermodel has also worked in films and hosted TV shows.

Who doesn’t know Curtis Stone? The 40-year-old Australian celebrity chef has been nicknamed The Quiet Terminator and why not? The Ozzie hunk has found a strong fan following around the world.