Life as a Paramedic: It is extremely rewarding to make a positive contribution towards the community. The mere idea of helping people in need is overwhelming. Paramedical science gives you an insight and a way to make a move towards helping people. Paramedic isn’t just about rescuing people (as it is a common notion of people) in an emergency but also includes an array of different working functions. A paramedic performs various Advanced Life Support (ALS) functions, which includes providing cardiac support, administration of medications and dealing with respiratory trauma. It is indeed a challenging job to perform, but it has its own positive outcomes.

Delhi Paramedical and Management Institute has emerged as one of the best paramedical colleges in Delhi/NCR. As mentioned earlier, a paramedical career includes a lot more than rushing at the time of emergency. It includes various technology programs such as medical lab technology, operation theatre technology, radio imaging technology, electrocardiogram technology and much more. These four technologies are different from each other to a large extent. Let’s have a quick overview of these courses and technologies.

life as a paramedic

  1. Medical Lab Technology: Medical Laboratory Technology involves the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases through the clinical laboratory tests. This course offers a career in a hospital, minor emergency centers, private laboratory, blood donor centers and doctor’s clinics. DPMI provides an adequate number of well-equipped laboratories with modern equipment that makes the training process under the guidance of highly qualified professionals with modern techniques.मेडिकल लैब टेक्निशियन

2. Operation Theatre Technology: Operating theatre technicians are an essential part of the operation unit and work with surgeons, anesthetists, and nurses to ensure the safest operation procedure. The successful outcome of the surgical process relies not only on the doctors and nurses but also on technical capacity and alertness of operation theatre technicians. DPMI prepares the students mentally to support the patients emotionally and make the process of surgery-free from any added stress.

3. Radio Imaging Technology: Radiography is fully concerned with operating radio imaging machines like X-ray and interpreting the results. It also involves treatment of major ailments like cancers and tumors with radiation. Radiographers are required in huge numbers in nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic centers and super specialty hospitals. DPMI offers highly sophisticated equipment, experienced and talented educators and world-class laboratories to ensure comprehensive teaching with a safe environment.


4. Electrocardiogram Technology: Electrocardiogram Technicians monitor and further test a patient’s heart using ECG equipment. DPMI provides a course that not only combines theory but also a comprehensive practice on the anatomy and physiology of the heart and chest. There is a lot of scope in the field of paramedical science. DPMI provides world-class classrooms and equipment to impart the best theoretical and practical knowledge to the students.