Green coffee is the new health drink that promises to help you lose weight: For staying in shape it is important to maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. If you are overweight then you have an increased risk of developing various health problems.  The best way to reduce weight is by regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  

Green Coffee is the New Health Drink that promises to help you Lose Weight

Nowadays Green coffee is becoming popular for weight loss. The green coffee beans burns fat in a fast way. Green coffee beans are seeds that have not yet been roasted. The process of roasting coffee beans reduces amounts of the chemical chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acids in green coffee have more health benefits. Chlorogenic acid is the one that has weight loss properties. It can help to improve insulin sensitivity by regulating down the genes responsible for induced weight gain. Chlorogenic acid also normalizes the obesity-related hormones. Chlorogenic acid can also prevent fat absorption and boost fat metabolism in the liver.

There are three types of green coffee that are available in the market –

  • Powdered form produced by crushing the green coffee beans
  • Freeze dried produced by infusions and vacuuming to dehydrate the coffee crystals
  • Granulated created by accumulating coffee powder and using steam to form pellets

Green Coffee is the New Health Drink that promises to help you Lose Weight

Green Coffee- You can enjoy your green coffee in a quick and simple way, by adding a teaspoon of green coffee powder in a cup of hot water.

Mint Green Coffee-Add mint leaves to a cup of green coffee and Let it steep for 5 minutes, then drink it. Mint has weight loss properties and it will help to flush out the toxins from your body.

Cinnamon Green Coffee – In a cup of water add cinnamon stick of 1 inch, leave it overnight. Prepare green coffee using this water in the next morning. Cinnamon is also very beneficial for health as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces LDL cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The best Time to drink green coffee for Weight Loss is in morning before or after workout. It can also be taken with breakfast, lunch or with evening snacks. There are many other benefits of drinking green coffee like it improves blood circulation, helps to improve brain activity, lowers cholesterol levels and also helps in detoxification of liver.

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