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The Emergence of Emergency Medical Technicians in India

The Emergency Medical Technician course is designed for those who want to carve out a 

niche in the medical field without having to spend years studying. It trains healthcare professionals in basic emergency lifesaving procedures. Once you have completed the course, you will get a diploma ascertaining you as an accredited medical technician. This short-term paramedical training course encourages aspiring healthcare professionals to develop skills required to save lives on the scene of an injury or accident. It is the basic and first medical care given to a patient that can save a life. In basic emergency lifesaving situations, the role of EMT is vital.

The emergence of EMTs in India

The system of Emergency Medical Services, also known as EMS, has evolved in the last few years. India is one country that is not new to the concept of emergency medical services, however, it has caught the attention of people only recently. In recent times, EMS in India has grown from strength to strength and there is a constant expansion of the same. As part of the emergency medical services, the country has recognized the value and importance of EMTs. 

From the beginning with its presence in urban India, within no time, EMS has expanded its footprint to even the remote regions of the country, with its main focus on traumas and road accidents, thus getting massive recognition as an inevitable part of the Indian healthcare sector. 

Under emergency medical services, 102 and 108 are the most popular helplines related to their robust and prompt ambulance services all over India. The provision of such services tends to form a crucial part of the Indian constitution. With the government’s constant efforts to allocate a better budget towards the healthcare sector, the role of EMTs is gaining more importance. 

Also, Indian emergency medical services have gone beyond borders as various academic institutions and international organizations have been working closely with other countries too. With this sector witness growth and expansion, particularly for its ambulance services, there is no dearth of opportunities for EMTs. 

Training, Education, and Recruitment for EMTs

Currently, there are thousands of vacancies for skilled and trained emergency medical technicians who can get a job for ambulance services under Indian EMS. As EMS is gaining significance, several leading medical schools and institutions in India have included diploma, certificate, and degree programs to educate and train aspiring EMTs. 

Furthermore, with the launch of Ayushman Bharat, several of these medical schools and institutions focus on inculcating a state-of-the-art curriculum associated with the EMT programs to generate more employment opportunities. 

There has been a notable surge in the number of medical schools providing training to aspiring EMTs, particularly to the candidates who want to get deployed to ambulance services. Youngsters all over the nation are being encouraged and motivated to opt for vocational training programs for EMT jobs. Several leading institutes offer placements as well. All you have to do is choose a medical school that provides a platform for aspiring Emergency Medical technicians to learn and understand diverse aspects of the profession clearly and effectively.

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