Paramedical Courses

X-ray is one of the most commonly performed procedures doctors use in the healthcare industry. Most of us have undergone an X-ray at some other point in life. Whether it is a routine checkup at the dentist or for an injury, an X-ray is the first medical investigation that a doctor recommends. The procedure allows a doctor to see inside the body and diagnose and devise a treatment plan for the respective condition. If you have ever been smitten by professionals performing X-rays and want to pursue a career in this field, all you have to do is enroll for an X-ray technician course. The course lets you dive into the world of this promising field so that you can carve out a niche in the healthcare industry.

If the idea of using and working with the latest imaging technology sounds exciting, then you just must spare a few minutes and learn more about this course. With a promising career and lucrative salary packages, a career as an X-ray technician can be your step toward achieving success in life. Let us find out more about a career in this field. 

X-Ray Technician Course – A Quick Insight!

 It is the subset of the Radiology department and is considered an important procedure in diagnosing several health problems. You can apply for this course after completing 10 or 10+2, depending on your chosen duration. The course covers administrative and clinical skills and other training intricacies. Enrolling in a course like this means gaining skills and knowledge in performing electrocardiograms, laboratory tests, and general radiology procedures. Admission to the desired institutes depends on your performance in school. Some colleges also conduct entrance examinations.

Eligibility Criteria

From working with hospitals, government organizations, or laboratories, the job of an X-ray technologist comes with duties and responsibilities. Thus, it becomes vital to embody a few crucial traits before enrolling for this course and preparing for this position. 

  • Admission depends on either merit or university-level examination. Aspiring students must adhere to the application process according to the college’s guidelines of their choice.
  • All aspiring students must clear class 10th for the diploma course and 12th standard in the science stream from a recognized education board. 
  • Candidates should get a minimum aggregate of forty-five percent or more in subjects like Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Career Scope after Completing X-Ray Technician Course

There are several employment areas for those who have completed the course. You can be assured of a stable career path in radiography or radiology. While you might find several job opportunities, you should always strive to excel by learning and upgrading your skills. There is a shortage of qualified and skilled technicians; thus, you can have job security with your excellent skills. If the placement cell of your chosen college is well-connected, you can be assured of finding a job. 

A lucrative salary package, starting from twenty-five thousand monthly, makes it a smart career choice for many aspiring candidates. As you gain experience, you can get a high salary package. So, apply for an X-ray technician course and embark on a successful journey in the healthcare sector.