Paramedical Courses

Medical laboratory technology has emerged as one of the most preferred fields among students who want to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. It is a tool within the study and diagnosis of various diseases for treatment. The knowledge and skills in General Pathology, Hematology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology are of great importance for trained and skilled MLT professionals. Having knowledge of laboratory science is a must for MLTs. Pursuing a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology is the right step towards becoming a professional. 

Medical lab technicians are indispensable members of the healthcare workforce. It is through their investigations that doctors and surgeons make the diagnosis and initiate the treatment. 

Once you have completed the diploma course, you can choose from the following options to start your career in this field.

Clinical and Medical Laboratory Technicians

The primary job of a clinical and medical laboratory technologist is to collect and analyze samples like blood, fluid, and tissues from the body. They are also responsible for conducting research, finishing crucial tasks, and assisting doctors if needed. The demand for such professionals is high owing to the increase in the ageing population and their requirements. 

Pharmacy Technicians

There is a reasonable number of employment opportunities after pursuing a diploma in MLT. This course is related to the supplying and procuring of medicines under medical supervision to patients. In some cases, such professionals play an important role in managing the dispensaries and assembling prescribed medicines, to name a few. 

Pathologist Technician

The role of such professionals is to assist pathologists in preparing and diagnosing blood and tissue samples along with the other remaining human fluids under sterile conditions in a medical laboratory. In some cases, pathology technicians are required to analyze the bodies of the deceased to determine the actual cause and reason for death. 

Diagnostic Lab Manager

It is one of the topmost and most preferred job opportunities among those pursuing medical laboratory technology careers. Being a diagnostic lab manager is a challenging task. You have to look after the operations of the lab, including examining the results of the referral lab, suggesting report preparation, and interpreting remarks on the report.

These are some of the job options available for those who have completed their 12th and want to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. The institute and the course you choose can make a great difference to your overall learning and understanding of this profession.
When it comes to choosing a diploma in medical laboratory technology, make sure you do not rush it. Take time and do proper research about the college or institute providing the course. Make sure you enrol with a college that has strong placement nexus so that you can get your first job easily. The diploma courses are designed so that you will get a chance to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the profession. Embark on your journey as a medical laboratory technician and take-home salary up to 30 thousand.