It is a major department of any hotel establishment which is responsible to provide the food & beverages to the guests in different areas or sections of food & beverage service department. It is the second largest revenue-generating department of the hotel as it sells food & beverages to the guests in their rooms, in restaurants, in bars, in banquets and so on.

There are different sections in this department which have their different designs, different work procedure and different brigade of food & beverage service staff.

Subsections in F & B Service Department

Bar: It is a subsection of food & beverage service department where guests can have every type of alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks like all kinds of cocktails, mocktails, juices, aerated drinks and so on. Bar even serves light snacks with the drinks.

Restaurant: A dining hall where guests can get their food and beverage orders served on their respective tables by wait staff. Guests can also have alcoholic drinks with their meals if the restaurant has the licence to serve alcohol. The  Restaurant can serve different kind of meals during different times of the day like breakfast in the morning, lunch in the day, high tea in the evening, dinner in night and so on.

Banquet: Banquet is the largest revenue-generating section of food & beverage service department as it sells the food & beverages in bulk to the large number of guests accommodate at the same time. Basically banquets are responsible to cater all kinds of functions & events like marriage party, cocktail dinner, conference meetings, conferences, etc. Mostly banquets serve buffet service to the guests, where all the food dishes are kept inside the charging dishes on the buffet tables and guests can serve themselves.

Room service: It is also an important section of food & beverage service department which is responsible to provide Food & Beverages service to the guests in their respective rooms. Here,  guests have a menu card in each room. Guests read the menu card and directly call room service where the room service order taker take the food order and punch it in the point of sale system. After punching the kitchen staff will receive a kitchen order ticket on behalf of that they will prepare that particular order and wait staff will pick up the food from the kitchen and serve the food to the concerned room.