Sustainable living means the lifestyle which attempts to reduce natural resources in society.
We would need Earth to maintain current standards of living.

We use more resources than nature which can regenerate and produce more waste and
emissions than the Earth can absorb.

The sustainable development goals are made to preserve the earth for future generation by
addressing climate change, energy use, water management and land management.

Individual actions are valuable contributions which are aimed to reduce human impact on the

Examples of Sustainable Living

Reduce Consumption

The word consumption means consuming food, energy and material things.

For example switching off lights when leaving the place, recycling materials like clothes,
electronics, etc, and switching to fluorescent bulbs.

Reduce Waste

The less we consume the less we waste. We should try to accept zero waste lifestyle like not
wasting food, and recycle the trash in purposeful things.

Doing It Yourself

Doing It Yourself increases creativity and innovation. Handling challenges to find new and
sustainable ways to produce, create, and substitute products and services that we could
purchase products while lessening our impact on the environment.

We should learn how to use old socks, old jeans old shoes, old pillows, and old bedsheets in
purposeful things.

Shop locally and fair trade

We should change our method of shopping to meet sustainable living measures. We should
accept various sustainable practices like sustainable eco-friendly bedding, Ethical Home
Décor, eco-friendly cookware, mats, candles etc.

Offset  our emissions

We should opt for public transportation rather than driving our own transport. It may reduce
daily carbon emissions. Walking helps to maintain healthy body and reduce green house
gases present in our environment.

Benefits of Sustainable Living

  • The main goal of sustainable living is conserving natural resources, based on understanding the concept of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Sustainable practices can create healthy and productive environment.
  • Biodiversity and healthy ecosystems maintain environmental sustainability.
  • Sustainable world means fostering innovation which means maintaining a circular economic model and unlocking new opportunities like e-mobility, and smart homes to improve people’s lifestyle.
  • Social inclusion aims to reduce inequalities and promotes equal opportunities and empowerment.

Simple tips for living sustainably

  • Sustainable measures and positive behaviours contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. It is the lifestyle that supports its natural surroundings and encourages human health and the environment.
  • Sustainable lifestyle is not a perfect system but exploring many ways can reduce to consumption and waste.
  • Smart growth focuses on planning and layout of society which integrates transportation and use of land management.
  • Empowering smart city revolutions for society and people.