Do you feel hesitant standing in front of the public while giving a speech? Do your legs shake facing the audience, or the thought of speaking something wrong or people laughing at you scare you?

If your answer is yes, don’t worry, you are not alone.

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears out there. We are afraid of being put under a microscope, of being judged, of making a mistake in front of a big crowd. I can surely recall many instances from my life when I was completely blank standing on stage. But, it is 100% possible to get better at it, excel at public speaking and even really enjoy it. I will not say it is easy, it needs effort but the rewards are huge. It empowers you to share your thoughts, message, and ideas and leave a very positive impact on people’s lives. 

Here are three tips which can surely help you overcome the fear of public speaking.

1- Tailor your speech.

You must know your audience and prepare your speech according to the audience. For instance, if you deliver a speech on the topic ‘Global Warming’ in front of primary school students, you need to alter your speech as per their level of understanding, use the words which might be easy for them to understand, and add examples which they can relate with. 

2- Use anecdotes to make it a personal story and connect 

Stories are the best tool to connect with people and convey your message. To make your speech more effective, you can add anecdotal evidence in the speech.

3- Know your fears and practice. 

As already said, it is very common to have anxiety and fear while presenting yourself in front of a crowd. Don’t run from fears, identify your fears and find ways to improve.