This Dubai restaurant is serving the world's most expensive biryani | Condé  Nast Traveller India

Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in several countries and biryani lovers often go to any extent to experience certain special preparations of the saffron-flavored rice dish.

Would you try a biryani platter worth over Rs21,000? Well, now you can. An Indian restaurant in Dubai is serving pure gold in one of their special platters – quite literally – having recently introduced a delicious Biryani platter worth AED1000. Known for its exquisite cuisine, Bombay Borough has termed it their dish of the season.

The biryani can be pre-booked as ordering on spot may take up to 45 minutes for them to prepare. The platter serves three kilograms of rice with several options for gravies, vegetables, and meats, all adorned in 23 karat gold. The eatery shared a picture of the scrumptious platter and wrote, “The dish of the season has arrived! Introducing the Royal Gold Biryani, Dubai’s most expensive Biryani.”

Royal Gold Biryani most expensive biryani in Dubai restaurant 4

“This heavenly plate consists of Gold Leaf kababs – The Kashmiri lamb seekh kababs, old Delhi lamb chops, Rajput chicken kababs, Mughlai koftas, and malai chicken roast served on a bed of saffron-infused biryani, complimented by a wide selection of our exquisite sauces, curries, and raitas. The platter also consists of caramelized vegetables and other delicacies and can feed an entire family or even more, depending on your appetite. And in the end, the delectable dish is wrapped in gold leaf before being served.

It is the exuberant journey to experience Royalty. This meal is served in a gold thaal and the Gold Biryani is garnished with 23 karats edible gold.”