The healthcare sector has grown exponentially in the last few years. With the advancement in technology, the demand for trained and skilled healthcare personnel has increased too. Each healthcare professional plays a vital role in the life of a patient. They are crucial to any hospital. Here we will learn about allied healthcare professionals whose work is not noticed however they are needed round the clock in hospitals and healthcare institutes. Also known as General Duty Assistant, they work rigorously to assist and care for patients. They are also called medical assistants or nursing assistants and are an inevitable part of the healthcare sector. 

General Duty Assistants – Who are they?

They are the nursing care assistants who have an important role to play in a hospital or healthcare ecosystem. They perform daily care for patients and ensure they get the utmost comfort and safety. They take care of all the health requirements and make the environment suitable and hygienic. They also take care of the diet of a patient. Overall, they are responsible for the overall care of a patient. 


Additionally, the GDA also has to work under the direction or supervision of the registered nurse. They have to demonstrate their personal care skills and should have excellent communication skills. Communicating effectively with other team members of the nursing team is also important. Such healthcare professionals improve the efficiency of the nursing team by providing them assistance and support in administrative and easier tasks. This allows nurses to focus more on critical and severely ill patients. 

Along with that, they should take all the necessary precautions and be cautious about not spreading any illnesses or infections by maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene. They should have information and knowledge about how to handle emergencies and how to implement them within the confines of the legal and ethical rules of normal practice.

What is the Role of General Duty Assistant?

Here are the basic duties and rules that a GDA has to perform.

  • Constant monitoring of vitals and health
  • Taking daily care of the safety, health, and medication of the patients.
  • Deeding and dressing patients.
  • Administering the different vaccinations and medicines.
  • Putting up drips
  • Ensuring that the diet of a patient is well-balanced and healthy.
  • Maintaining hygiene of the patient
  • Helping patients get in and out of bed and walk around.
  • Providing psychological support to patients and help them in their daily chores. 

As a GDA, there are new problems and challenges to overcome daily issues and it is counted among one of the most rewarding jobs. Though working hours are fixed, those who are considering a career in this field should be prepared for extended working hours too.

The best way to get started in this career is by enrolling in the General Duty Assistant course that is designed for professionals who wish to be a part of this field. There is immense scope of opportunity for those who are skilled and trained. The course also provides hands-on training experience that further gives you a better understanding of this profession. Read More