Do you want to pursue a medical-related course or training after HSC exams? However, you do not want to spend the next five to six years studying. Well, there is no need for you to worry. Being a doctor or surgeon is not the only option you can pursue in Allied Health Care or Healthcare Sector. There are several other career options available in the healthcare sector of which one is a Bachelor’s in medical lab technician in India.

Why Choose a Career as Medical Laboratory Technician?

The medical treatment begins only when timely diagnoses are done. Doctors and healthcare providers require different kinds of analysis through tests. Depending on the result of these medical investigations, they advise on the prevention and treat the disease. This is exactly where the role of Clinical Laboratory or Medical Laboratory Technology comes into the picture. Such technicians perform tasks like blood collection and perform several other diagnostic tests by analyzing body fluids such as tissues, blood, urine, and saliva, cell counts of the human body, microorganism screening, and chemical analyses, among others.

The MLT professionals play an equally important role in gathering information required for reporting, sampling, testing, and documentation of these investigations. They are responsible for determining the absence, extent, and presence of disease and provide data required for evaluating the treatment effectiveness.

Skills Needed

When it comes to the MLT profession, having exceptional skills is a must. Such technicians should be disciplined and precise in their work. They should be proficient in managing all types of medical laboratory equipment as well as responsive materials. The medical lab in hospitals, diagnostic centers, or clinics requires their technicians to be precise and logical, with a curiosity in technology, medicine, and science. With the world going digital and the presence of computers everywhere, having sound knowledge of using and managing digital equipment and computers is also an inevitable skill. 

Career Prospects

Having a career as an MLT is promising. It gives you a chance to have a great impact on enduring care without having to interact with the patients. You can be assured of great earning if you have exceptional skills. With relevant skills and knowledge, a candidate can find a job in a private lab, hospital, healthcare clinics or centers, blood donor centers, and minor emergency centers. You can become a technician in a short span and get started as a medical lab technician. 

Career Overview

Being a medical lab technician is demanding and challenging. Using high-end medical equipment, you have to do regular laboratory testing. Technicians are responsible for collecting samples and other specimens and use machines that mechanically analyze them. Further, they organize standard solutions that include mixing and measuring the correct amount of chemicals for lab usage. 

You can enroll for Bachelor in medical lab technician in India at a reputed and reliable institute. You will come across several institutes offering diploma courses. Make sure you choose the one carefully so that you can get the best training. As an MLT, you can find a job in hospitals and other healthcare institutions without difficulty. Read More