Diabetes is one of the most talked about diseases across the world specially in India. The WHO estimates that 30 percent of diabetes death occur in lower middle income countries projects and projects that such deaths will double between 2016 and 2030.

Top Symptoms for Diabetes

Diabetes is basically a condition in which the carbohydrate mechanism of the body gets hampered due to insufficient secretion of insulin hormone. It is characterized by its three main features.i.e.


(a) Polyuria – Excessive urination

(b)Polyphagia – Excessive hunger

(c )Polydipsia – Excessive thirst

All these three are used to detect DM in early stage.

It also happens when the level of glucose in body gets elevated. The normal glucose levels are:-

  1. Fasting – 70 – 110mg/dl.
  2. Postprandial – (After dinner or lunch) – 80-150mg/dl

Top Symptoms for Diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes include its 3P’s and some other symptoms are:-

(a)Blurred vision

(b)Weight loss

(c) Tingling or numbers in hands or feet.It has many of complications such as kidney diseases, infections, neuropathy and cardiac disorders. Diabetes can be prevented by dietary management, exercises and lifestyle modification.


(e) Skin becomes dry and rough


(g) Skin infections

(h) Drowsiness

(g) Cramps in legs.