Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker: Multi Purpose Health Worker works or providing treatments related to health problems in an emergency or in a disaster where the hospitals and medical facilities are not available. The Concept of a Multi Purpose Health Worker (MPHW) is fairly new and calls for a lot of attention too. The idea was conceived in India in the year 1974 for the delivery of services pertaining to impediment of diseases and epidemics such as Malaria, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Water borne diseases etc. It involves dissemination and promotion of health education in various rural and sub rural areas. In a developing nation like India, optimum health of the citizens cannot be achieved without the involvement of willing, trained and health conscious people.

To have a healthy and a happy population, there is a need of such individuals and a lot of universities have come up with diploma level courses in this field to encourage more and more individuals to get enrolled. This course again came in vogue in present days. Those candidates have these qualities and the passion of the spirit of service they can make a good future in this career.

Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker

Responsibilities and Nature of Work

A health worker has a broad spectrum of responsibilities to shoulder, spanning adoption of preventive measure, organization of health seminars, vaccination campaigns and so on. The basic responsibilities of multipurpose health worker is to completely understand the impact of socioeconomic factors on the same, they also provide prompt treatment for minor illness and skilled first hand treatment in case of accidents and injuries, make peoples know about the importance of sanitation, safe drinking water, hygiene etc., management of fire explosions, food crisis, famines and related issues; to participate in national health and family welfare programs.; also check the status of health care facility and mid day meals in local schools.  The responsibilities and profile of a health worker is multi faceted. Apart from the ones sited above, there could be countless tasks depending on the area and its healthcare wants.

Course and Eligibility

According to Dr. Aruna Singh, Principal of DPMI, candidate who wants to take admission in Diploma course in Multipurpose Health Worker should have passed 12th in any recognized board. In this course candidate will learn how to give medical facilities and services in a time of emergency or any natural calamity problem. In this course training is being given to candidates to rescue from any epidemic situations, like providing food, medications, vaccinations, etc. Candidate can also apply in this job directly by giving SSC entrance exam.

Career and Placement

After taking the Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker, candidates are eligible for both Government and Private sector. Both males and females have equal opportunities in this field. In present days states like Haryana and Chattisgarh have more demands of multipurpose health workers. After the completion of diploma in multipurpose health worker, candidates can apply for Health Ministry, Ministry of Family Planning and Ministry of Environment as well as also work with any government and non-government NGOs.


After taking the Diploma in Multipurpose Health Worker, candidate can work as supervisor or development officer in any organization. In starting time candidate can earn around 10 to 15 thousand per month as well as salary will increase to 25 to 30 thousand per month as they get experienced in their field. Candidate also makes their career to open their own clinic and work in any private clinic.

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