Personality Development

Enhancing Confidence to Stay Ahead

Academic knowledge is definitely valuable but there exists a life beyond academics and at DPMI, evolution is completely assured. When it comes to the overall development of students, personality development is very crucial. Special sessions are organized from time-to-time to thoroughly groom the students so that they stand out bright and confident in the outer world. These sessions focus on enhancing executive communication skills and personal skills so that they are highly motivated during interviews and group discussions.

In addition, extracurricular activities are also set up to make the students confident & knowledgeable so that they can understand their true potential.

Extra Curricular Activities

To enhance the confidence and skills of students

Extracurricular activities help to relieve stress from academic studies hence; DPMI ensures to make all the students participate in different activities organized by the institute. Eventually, students’ minds are refreshed to think creatively. To name a few extracurricular activities, we plan industrial visits, alumni meets, guest lectures by experienced professionals from different fields, campaigns to mark different National and International Days, Annual day celebrations, Annual sports day and many more. Students are involved enthusiastically in making all the events memorable & successful.

DPMI program structure is a combination of classroom studies and co-curricular activities making the programs less stressful and more enjoyable. All the activities organized are very relevant to the academic programs resulting in a better understanding of the theoretical aspects.

Grooming for Interviews

Getting future ready for placement

For any student to get placed in a good organization cracking the written examination and clearing the personal interview is mandatory. Personal interview round is the last stage of any selection process and this round demands relevant answers to the questions with great confidence. For this reason, mock interviews are conducted to give the students a feel of a real interview with a systematic line-up of questions.

Executive communication skills development sessions are conducted on a regular basis to improve the soft skills of the students. Under the guidance of interview experts, students get an opportunity to mentally prepare themselves for the pressure they might face in the interview room. Patience, confidence, and positivity is the ultimate goal of our interview grooming sessions.


Expert professional and personal advice

With numerous options available to make a career choice, students often get confused about what choice to make. In order to make this process easy, DPMI has a full-fledged department of experts to guide students for career counseling.

The experts are highly experienced and gladly help students to resolve their personal problems or  career issues.

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